Creating Perfect Lawns

A beautiful green lawn always completes the home garden

While there is rain around it is a good time to take a look at your lawn and see if it needs a little attention. A beautiful green lawn always completes the home garden and whether you live on an acreage or have a small courtyard garden a green lawn always complements the garden and the home.

Eliminate Weeds

Firstly, clean up the nuisance weeds such as bindi. Once these weeds get a hold on your lawn they keep coming back for years and years. The best way to eliminate these weeds is to spray with the appropriate weedkiller early, before they set seed and to continue with repeated applications, which is necessary to kill weeds which have germinated after the previous spraying.

Bindi is a major nuisance weed and to be controlled it needs to be sprayed regularly from when it emerges through to when the prickles form. It is actually the prickles that are the seeds for next years bindi. There are specific sprays for controlling bindi.

Be careful when you purchase a weed spray that it is suited to your variety of grass. Most weed killers are designed to elimate broadleaved weeds and are not suited to grasses such as Buffalo. SearlesTM have now produced a new product for Buffalo lawns which will kill the weeds without affecting the grass.

Fertilising Lawns

The trick to fertilising lawns is to supply a steady supply of nutrients over a long period of time. This can be difficult to achieve with most common lawn foods as they release their nutrients instantly with immediate effect and would need to be re applied every 3-4 weeks. SearlesTM now have available a Lawn Booster controlled release fertiliser that will give not only instant results but will product strong steady growth for 3-4 months after application. It is actually the type of fertiliser used by professionals on golf courses, sports grounds etc. It should be sprinkled over the lawn in spring, summer and and in autumn before the winter.

Because you are encouraging more steady growth it means that the grass grows in a robust fashion and develops into a dense and compact lawn that does not need mowing as often. If you also adjust your mower height so that it does not scalp the undergrowth of the turf the dense lawn helps to form a natural barrier to weeds, smothering them and not allowing them to get a foothold.


Deep watering is much more beneficial once a week than a light sprinkle every other day. Deep watering encourages grass roots to grow deeper into the naturally insulating soil where they are able to take up water and nutrients. Shallow watering encourages shallow root growth and will heat up quickly in summer causing the grass to stress and deteriorate.

SearlesTM produce a range of high quality premium lawn sprays and products and these are all available at your local ATG Mareeba Garden Centre. Friendly Garden Centre staff have all the information you need to make your lawn the envy of your neighbours!

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