Organic Gardening Is Easy

Why use those sprays and fertilisers which can be detrimental to our Health?

There is a whole new world of safe organic gardening out there waiting for you with the plant based registered organic products now available at Mareeba Garden Centre in Mareeba.

Mareeba Garden Centre has teamed up with Organic Crop Protectants to bring you a whole new era in gardening . No protective clothing required, no harmful residues on your vegetables or in the soil and no harm to beneficial insects.

Healthy plants are happy plants and using these organic products will increase the health of your plants, boosting resistance to disease, enhancing flowering and fruiting and lessening stress on plants through drought and frost.

In the Garden Centre we are have been using organic products now for several months. We feed and spray all our plants at regular intervals using Aminogrow Eco-oil, Eco-Neem and Eco-cweed and and have noticed a definite increase in health and growth levels.

Aminogrow is both an organic plant fertiliser and soil conditioner, stimulating the production of beneficial bacteria responsible for soil mineralisation and humus production. This increases the availability of minerals to plants and builds better soil water and nutrient holding capacities. Healthy soil biology also assists plants to defend themselves against soil pests such as plants parasitic nematodes, grubs and soil diseases.. It contains a unique blend of amino acids and essential plant nutrients – perfect for natives, fruit trees and vegetables and ornamentals , producing amazing healthy strong growth with better flowering and fruiting. Combine with eco-seaweed for great results.

Eco-oil is an insecticide and miticide made from Australian grown canola oil enhanced with tea tree and eucalypts oils and controls a broad range of insects including scale, leafminer, whitefly and mites. Because it is a plant based oil there is less risk of burning foliage with eco-oil than with white oil or other mineral oil sprays and there is no withholding period. Eco-oil also contains natural pheromones which attract beneficial insects to the garden. One customer reports he even has bees back !

Eco-neem is a botanical insecticide that contains highly stable and effective extracts from the neem tree, controlling a broad range of sucking and chewing insects including curl grubs, caterpillars, aphids , mites and citrus leafminer.

Eco -cweed is a powdered seaweed extract which increases plant growth, flowering and fruiting, enhances root development and reduces plant stress. Unlike liquid formations eco-cweed contains no nasty preservatives, is 100% soluble and is highly concentrated. The 100g pack makes 200L of seaweed solution!

There are organic products also for fruit flies, fungicides and a range of eco-flo gypsum, lime and dolomite, extremely concentrated and more rapidly available to plants for faster results.

Visit Mareeba Garden Centre to see the organic range and talk to the friendly staff about your garden or check out the OCP website at or find them on facebook.

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